As Individual and Emotional Than Ever – RENESIM Celebrates the Release of the New -Collection

Two scoops of two people who symbolize two character traits – they are available for two unforgettable memories, values, or worlds. In conjunction, these two bullets are to a quite exceptional and individual piece of jewellery. Discover our very emotional and unique jewelry pieces of the newly released &-collection!

Pieces of Jewellery in Two Characteristic Colours

This collection is as unique as no other – choose the balls into the materials that suit your personality and that you like best. Every customer experiences an individual colour consultation through our customer advisors on request. Together, we create an exceptional ring or earrings with a pair of ball matched perfectly to your type then. Contrary or uniformly – cold or warm colors, smooth or rough structures: choose your ball jewelry exactly in the colours, the materials and structures that you want. The fabulous &-collection appears in two characteristic colours – in summer and winter colours. So contact the jewelry pieces with accents that perfectly highlight your color type.

Hundred Percent Individuality

Create your personal masterpiece in unique colours and exclusive materials. Whether smooth or rough structures, matte or polished beads made of precious metals, precious stones, beads or very special with your individual ball jewelry you are accents impressive high-quality wood -. Tell your own story with your Pearl ring or Earrings with ball . The balls can stand for two memories, or two related people – combined the two elements of the designer jewelry symbolize cohesion. So emotionally and personally like never before – discover our jewellery pieces and inspiration to your individual masterpiece. We will gladly advise you and find the most beautiful for you precious stones and material combinations that suit you perfectly together with you.