Christina Ricci – Will Her Hauntingly Beautiful Engagement Ring After Months Concealment They Showcase

The design of the engagement ring with three diamonds by Christina Ricci exudes lots of glamour and is fraught with symbolic meaning

For months hidden Christina Ricci and James Halpin their engagement before they publicly known in February 2013 for you. Since October of last year, they speculated about the supposed engagement ring on the hand of Christina Ricci, but she initially refused to provide further information on the piece of jewelry. Only months later she announced finally proud her engagement with James Halpin. These had already taken place according to their data, in the autumn.
The engagement ring that James has chosen for them, can be really seen: it’s a yellow golden trilogy ring, which is staffed with three gorgeous sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds – a very classic and ravishingly beautiful design.
Met Christina Ricci had the cameraman James Halstead during the joint filming of the series Pan am and since February 2009, it is publicly known that the two a few are.
Ricci became famous in The Addams Family in the role of Wednesday by the TV series. Later, she played supporting roles in such films as Sleepy Hollow and Casper. Most recently, Christina Ricci 2012 alongside Robert Pattinson was in Bel Ami, a drama based on a French novel from the 19th century to see.
James Halstead worked sex and the City 2 as a camera technician for over 40 productions, among them.

The trilogy engagement ring from Christina Ricci: expressive and charming piece of jewelry

Trilogy engagement rings are rarer than classic diamond solitaire rings, but in beauty and brilliance they are these in nothing. To the engagement rings also therefore perfectly suitable, since a very own metaphorical meaning adheres to them. The three diamonds arranged horizontally in a row are symbolic for the past, the present and the future of the couple. Which certainly James Halpin was aware, when he picked the engagement ring for Christina Ricci.
The diamonds are taken at her engagement ring with the help of narrow prong setting. This type of version grants a maximum brilliance and fire for the gems. A small but fine detail is that the medium-sized gemstone, which stands for the here and now, easily emerges and draws to the attention like it is highlighted even further by selecting him as the two side gems in a slightly higher number of carats. That is the case also with the luxurious engagement ring by Christina Ricci. Finally, the Central diamond symbolically is the pivotal point between the common lived past and the upcoming future.
The special importance of the trilogy engagement ring is often by an engraved with the words “Past, present, future” taken into account.
Trilogy engagement rings can be used in English as Trinity engagement ring or Three Stone engagement ring referred.

Forms of play of the trilogy engagement ring

The design of the trilogy engagement ring of Christina Ricci with brilliant-cut diamonds in sandblasted is very classic. These numerous variations exist, so there are beautiful models with diamonds in the princess cut or Marquise-Cut. It is also possible to combine different forms of touch, but that is the exception. Also variants with color precious stones are rare.
A combination of different precious metals can achieve a nice effect. At the engagement ring by Christina Ricci, for example, a yellow gold ring rail is combined with claws white gold or Platinum.

What will your wedding ring look like?

With regard to the wedding according to Chesterton by Christina Ricci, nothing more was planned so far. So we have to be patient us probably still something, before we can take a look at the wedding ring of successful Hollywood stars. What would certainly perfectly harmonise with their glamorous engagement ring, is a quite simply hold ring in yellow gold. On the other hand also a petite, with small Pavé diamonds occupied would make mémoire ring well as discreet filled her engagement ring. It is exciting in any case, what Christina Ricci and James Halpin will ultimately decide.

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