Guarani Starts the Toboggan Reforms Aiming At Gold Earring ‘ Finals ‘ Series C

Closed since the end of 2013, the toboggan of Brinco de Ouro, in Campinas (SP), may be released this year. The Guarani not confirmed officially, but I took his first steps in the works necessary for the sector of the stadium can be reused. The process must be stepped up before the start of the quarter-finals of the C Series, scheduled for early October, but it is not certain that the area will be cleared for the playoffs.

The reforms will be made in partnership with the company Aluminium WING campineira, that will make the investment necessary to adapt the sector of high bleachers to the conditions required by the fire department. The principle should be released only 50% of 12000 seats available.

Among the revisions needed are containment barriers every four steps, corremãos and adjustments in the emergency exits. The last time the audience was present in the sector was in October 2013, 12 in draw by 1 to 1 with the CRAC-GO, in the last round of the Brazilian C series. Until now, the stadium has undergone renovations on the lawn and in other sectors from the stands.

At the top of Group B with 37 points, and the best campaign of the first phase, the Guarani will play the game back quarter-final at home. The game sets the access to the Serie B, the Club will try to speed up the release of slide, despite the difficulty by the little time available for implementation and inspection.

At the moment, the stage is cleared for 12000 fans. Another alternative is to reduce the sector already considered the visitors and release more bugrinos at the head north.