How Does An Individual Piece of Jewellery At RENESIM? -Part 1

Together We Create Your Dream Piece of Jewelry

Jewelry pieces underline the personality and often tell a special story for their wearer or their vehicle. With us is therefore individuality at the top. Because only so get a piece of jewelry that fits exactly your needs and desires – and thus your personality -.
Surely you have seen this already: see a ring, although true personal taste, it is a small thing but not quite meet your needs. At RENESIM, you will have the opportunity to create exactly this ring or other individual piece of jewelry itself. You are involved at any time in the development process and can see how your individual preparation is created.
In the next few days we want to show you in our magazine, how came together with one of our customers a beautiful diamond ring.

From the Idea to the First Design Proposal

Our customer, his wife with a wanted to settle but make a very special joy yet refined piece of diamond jewelry for her birthday. Together with her, he was inspired on our side of the diamond ring selection and then made contact with us. In a personal interview, RENÉSIM founder and CEO Maximilian Hemmerle received important impressions, the individual piece of jewellery designed to meet whatever ideas and wishes. Through his experience developed over generations in the Haute Joaillerie not only decades of experience and expertise incorporated into his work, but – more importantly – his daily inspiration. He receives them in nature, unique gemstones and unusual materials – especially but in the unique aspects and personalities of customers and clients. Only a few days later he could send therefore first designs and sketches the couple.

In the meantime we made us in the search for diamonds that meet the desired properties and not exceed the predetermined budget. The shining highlight of the ring should be a brilliant about 1.5 carats in fine white. Thanks to longtime contacts in the jewelry industry, we can offer you the most beautiful diamond at best conditions. In this case we made an appropriate priority at RENÉSIM, whereupon our customer the diamonds has chosen its Brillanz has the most enchanting.

Find in our second part, which our customers have selected beautiful diamonds. In addition, we show you how the first designs have been optimized and to demonstrate an extraordinary piece of jewelry was created.