How Does An Individual Piece of Jewellery At RENESIM? -Part 3

From an initial idea about different designs up to a green wax ring – you will now see the completed masterpiece of an individual preparation at RENESIM:

A masterpiece that meets all needs

Rings with wide ring rail set special accents – can however also quickly to massively participate in the finger. A wax model was first produced in this case to perfectly adjust the individual effect of the jewel. Also our customer could make a picture of her future diamond ring . The model convinced just at first glance – the sketches became her personal dream ring. Our goldsmiths could begin now with the creation of the unique ring with the desired precious metals and the breathtaking diamonds .

The impressive play of colours that evoke the custom-designed, 18-carat Rosé gold tone and the version made of high-quality Platinum, and the finely crafted shadow gap, the brilliant appears charming and even bigger.
With this masterpiece of our customer, we have created a personal dream piece of jewellery that gives you great pleasure and will remind them always at a very special birthday. In the development process, she always had the ability to make changes – all their wishes found themselves in the final ring. The personal contact is at RENÉSIM top – only from the individual conversations with our customers we can create a variety of ideas and inspiration for our individual masterpieces.