Monica Iozzi Uses Ring and Earrings Valued At R $250,000:’Everything Is Borrowed’

Presenter mark presence in the ‘melting pot of gold’:’no one’s going to spend so much money buying. My clothes were sewn in the body’

Monica Iozzi caused when he arrived at the meeting with the press for the melting pot of gold. Backstage at the show, the presenter of the Show Video did not fail to comment on the look, that generated quaint among all.”My clothes were sewn in the body. No one is used to see me like this. It’s good to look sexy without showing up too”.

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With ring and earrings valued at $250,000, Monica R$ shot:”nobody’s going to spend so much money buying. It’s all borrowed, we use and return, “said the cat, which is still talked about future plans:”I still don’t know when I leave the Video Show, but I’m going to make two films in São Paulo. In the second half I’ll be back, for a novel of Globo”.

PIP uses Versace dress like Fernanda Lima and Lady Gaga

Who also drew attention was Pip, who wore a Versace dress like Fernanda Lima at the premiere of SuperStar, in 2014. Hoang also was present and did not fail to remember the good events of 2015. The singer said that still does not intend to be dad next year.”This year has been good both professionally when personally. I just got married and was significant in my life. But I still don’t think having children”.

Also backstage, Luciano Huck did an analysis of 2015 and told who would give the melting pot of Gold:”To our guardian angels. It was very difficult, but I learned a lot. And also improved a lot over these 16 years.” Want to check everything on the guests and the songs chosen for the program? Stay tuned and don’t miss out!