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A Gala For Charity

Since Licht ins Dunkel was reversed by Kurt Bergmann for the Austrian Broadcasting (Corporation ORF) launched in 1973, developed the idea of a small fundraiser (then proceeds from donations: 2,500 euros) to a non-profit organization, which mobilized each year over…
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Trend Colours Summer 2015

Cool colors set the tone by 2015: aquamarine tones such as blue, turquoise and green, together with cold, greenish-yellow and grey and Burgundy are absolutely in the trend in the summer! If you prefer something warmer like is also well…
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The Erfurt Treasure

War, revolution, and also city tags – the Erfurt treasure, which would have remained almost always undetected survived all that. Only by pure chance it happened during construction work on him and as a piece of jewelry came after after…
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