Renata Vasconcellos Would Rather Not Wear Earrings:’I Have Some Allergy’

While reviewing images of career, she plays: ‘ The cheeks are decreasing ‘

“A smart, beautiful woman, has two children, a wonderful woman,” Ana Maria Braga defined host of Fantastic, Renata Vasconcellos. To receive it in Crystal House for breakfast, the presenter couldn’t help but highlight the beauty and friendliness of the journalist.

Ana Maria commented that the presenter uses almost no earrings. “I have a little allergy. Became a habit, in the fantastic I use once in a while, “said she. Ana Maria took the opportunity to show some old footage of the presenter, and she enjoyed the review. While reviewing their performances at good morning Brazil, journalist quipped, “his cheeks are decreasing”. Then, she commented: “I have lost weight, I think it’s natural.”

For 20 years on TV Globo, Renata pointed out your passion for the profession of journalism. Ana Maria took the opportunity to praise the beautiful performance of professional interviewer. “Journalism has a range of challenges so big that fit many talents to our profession,” said Renata.

Identical sister

The presenter of the More You showed pictures of Renata’s twin sister, Lanza Mazza, identical to her.”People confuse but still confused over when we were smaller. We are very similar, but with the time we’re differentiating, “said the journalist. “Some people think we’re doing a prank,” he said.

Renata, who has two sons, Antonio and Miguel, also talked you feel stronger after being a mother.”After I had son, felt braver, I had a feeling like:’Let’s go Now, where do I go for them. Any work has its challenges, we learn to work in teams, assign, to live with the mistake”, she concluded.